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Prices are as set out on the website and include VAT at the current rate if applicable. Ride On Motorcycle Training Limited reserve the right to alter prices at any time.

We reserve the right to change at any time any of the details of the courses on the site, including prices, course duration and content and training site location. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions and we advise that you read through them each time that you use the site.

This website, its content and any contracts arisen out of it are governed by and in accordance with English law. All contracts are conducted in English and by entering into a contract both parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


You have the right to cancel a pre-booked Taster session or CBT course for a full refund provided no less than 7 clear working days notice is given in writing (excluding weekends) prior to the course start date. You have the right to cancel courses that are longer than one day for a full refund provided notice is received in writing no less than 14 days from the course start date (excluding weekends). Failure to attend your appointment without the required notice would result in a forfeiture of your fee.

Deposits taken for courses longer than one day are non-refundable due to the costs involved with reserving an instructor, machine and test slots. All courses that are paid for in full in advance will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee should they be cancelled by the customer with less than 14 working days notice to us in writing(excluding weekends). If less than 7 clear working days(excluding weekends) is given for courses longer than one day no refund will be given. 

Pre-booked DVSA module 1 and 2 tests also require a minimum 14 days notice from the student in writing, if less is given and they are not resold to another student no refund will be given. Tests cancelled by the DVSA are not within our control and the substitute date or dates may not always be convenient to you, if you are unable to attend in this instance we will not be held liable for any losses you may incur and it is the student’s responsibility to claim out of pocket expenses through the DVSA directly. 

Courses that are booked by customers and subsequently cancelled for a refund for any reason are subject to a 10% handling fee when paying by debit/credit card or PayPal and the above notice periods still apply. Payments made by direct bank transfer do not incur a handling fee but are still subject to the notice periods above.

If a course is cancelled by Ride On Motorcycle Training Limited for reasons of safety due to extreme weather conditions such as snow,ice, high winds or flooding, vehicle or other unforeseen circumstances the course will be rescheduled for the next available time.

All our training is on a maximum two-to-one basis by fully qualified DVSA approved instructors. We cannot be held responsible for tests cancelled by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency or bad weather as these are beyond our control.

If you are up to 30 minutes late arriving for the start of your course we will try to make up the missed time, however this may not always be possible and may affect the outcome of that training session. If you arrive more than 30 minutes past the scheduled start time the training for the other student will go ahead and your fee may be forfeited. If it is a 1:1 course we reserve the right to cancel the training and your fee may be forfeited.

If you fail to meet the required standard for a CBT certificate to be issued you will be given the reasons why and the option of returning for more tuition. No refund will be offered in these circumstances. The charges for this return visit will vary depending on how much extra training you require.

Although your eye sight will be tested at the beginning of every course Ride On Motorcycle Training Limited will not be responsible for any course cancellation or driving test terminated due to the candidates’ eyesight being sub-standard at the time of testing, please check you can read a registration plate from a distance of at least 20.5 metres.

Ride On Motorcycle Training Limited will not be held responsible for tests that do not go ahead due to the candidate having the incorrect documents, such as a valid UK driving licence with correct entitlement, valid photo id, valid Theory pass certificate, valid CBT certificate, valid Module 1 pass certificate or other legal documents relating to your own vehicle.

Should you decide to leave before your course is completed Ride On Motorcycle Training Limited will not be expected to provide a refund as the instructor and machinery has been booked for the duration of the course for this purpose.

COVID-19 ( As of 21/07/2021 Government restrictions have now been removed, please see above for cancellation policy)

During this pandemic students are required to provide their own riding equipment for training. As a minimum this is an approved safety helmet, armoured jacket, gloves and appropriate footwear that covers the ankles.

Students that have received training and are awaiting tests by the DVSA during this time will be placed in a queue system and offered tests as they become available. If students require additional training to that already received to be ready for DVSA tests this will be charged at our standard rates. No refunds will be given for training already received. If the test spaces offered are not suitable to the student they will be eligible for a refund of the test fees (Module 1 & 2) only.

Full licence courses booked more than 10 weeks in advance may be subject to change without notice if test centres are unable to supply sufficient test slots to meet demand. Alternative tests may be offered to students at short notice, any additional costs associated with attending these tests are payable by the student as these are not within our control.

In addition to this, during a pandemic module 1 & 2 tests may not be available on the same day due to restrictions put in place by the DVSA, any additional costs associated with return visits to the test centre to complete them separately are payable by the student as these circumstances are also out of our control.

In all circumstances students must have a valid UK driving licence, theory test pass printout, CBT certificate(where appropriate) and their own mask to take a DVSA test.

Any rescheduled training due to a pandemic will be offered on a priority basis and subject to our training resources, we reserve the right to refund any training purchased if replacement dates are not suitable.

In all cases please contact us in the first instance through our contact page.


All fees include candidate cover whilst riding our machines (provided the candidate is licensed to ride).

Ride On Motorcycle Training Limited accepts no liability for personal property left in or around the off road training area, this includes vehicles and buildings.

Should the candidate cause damage, or by their action or inaction allow damage to be caused to any machinery or property loaned to the candidate for the purposes of motorcycle training, they will be liable to pay the sum of £550 to facilitate repairs(this is the current insurance excess).

Gift Vouchers/Cards & Coupons

Gift vouchers/cards & coupons have a validity period of 365 days from the time of purchase and can be used as full or part payment for any course. Any purchased course must be booked within this time and be completed a maximum of 30 days from the expiry date. Expired or part used gift vouchers/cards & coupons cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Road Traffic Law Infringements

Ride On Motorcycle Training Limited will not be liable for any fines, driving licence penalty points or out of pocket expenses incurred while riding training school machines. All efforts will be made to ensure students are aware of the Highway Code rules but it is the responsibility of the rider in charge of the machine at the time to ensure they remain within the guidelines of the Highway Code. Details of the student in charge of the machine at the time of the infringement will be made available to the authorities should this be necessary.

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No warranties or liability

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Data Protection

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