Most frequent questions and answers

Passing your car test before 1st February 2001 automatically gives you full moped(50cc) entitlement, so no L plates are required. Many insurance companies however, will not provide cover unless you have taken some training so contact them first. It makes sense to learn how to ride safely on the road and a CBT does exactly this. Once you have completed your CBT this will allow you to ride anything up to 125cc but L-plates must be displayed on anything over 50cc.

Your DL196 certificate or CBT certificate is valid for two years, you will need to complete another days training before this expires to remain legally on the road.

You will need to bring your driving licence card (or your paper driving licence and some photographic identification such as a passport) as well as a driving licence check code. As it is a full day bring some refreshments too to keep up your concentration levels.

No. You will still need to show L plates when riding with a CBT so you must take a full motorcycle test before you can carry passengers or ride on the motorway .

A CBT session takes most of the day starting at 0900hrs and finishing between 1600-1800hrs depending on the ability of the group.

Some equipment can be provided such as safety helmet, motorcycle jacket and gloves, however it is recommended that students use their own for the best fit and comfort..

Yes, but it must be road legal in everyway and that includes exhausts, number plates, L plates, mirrors, tyres and lights and should be in a generally road worthy condition. You will also need to show your MOT certificate, valid insurance and ensure that it is taxed.

Yes but we would recommend getting a couple of hours training with us on geared bike operation to ensure you are safe.


Yes. The motorcycle theory test is slightly different in content.

This is not essential but recommended. We can’t get you a practical test appointment until we have your theory test certificate number. As most people like to end their course with the main practical test it’s best to get the theory test out the way first.


You can complete a CBT day to ride a 125cc with L plates allowing you to ride for 2 years but excludes you from using motorways or carrying passengers. Or do a CBT day and theory test and take a Category A1 Light motorcycle test on a 125cc machine and be able to ride this for the life of your licence without L plates, you can also use motorways and carry passengers legally. Or complete a CBT day and theory test and take the Category A2 Standard motorcycle test on a suitable machine and be able to ride anything up to 47BHP, again for the life of your licence without L plates.

No. You will need to wait until 2 years have elapsed, then you will have an unrestricted licence.


This will depend on your previous riding experience and how quickly you learn new skills. Have a look at the booking page for guidance.


There are several options available to you including a slightly lowered machine or other test options which will allow you to achieve your dream of getting a full motorcycle licence.


Your tests will either be at Lee on the Solent or Poole depending on availability.


If this is to obtain your CBT you will have to return for some extra tuition to work on the areas you need to improve on and there will be a reduced fee for this. If this is for your test with the DVSA you’ll have to wait 10 working days for a re-test. You’ll pay for the test fee plus any extra instructional time with us


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