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If you want to ride a motorcycle bigger than 125cc and are over 24, then you can take your DAS tests on a 600cc motorcycle to achieve your category A motorcycle licence, giving you unrestricted access to ride all sizes of motorcycles. From age 19 you can take the A2 category motorcycle test on a 500cc motorcycle allowing you restricted access to ride motorcycles up to 47bhp (35kW).  From age 17 you can take the A1 category motorcycle test allowing you to ride a 125cc motorcycle without L plates or the need for a CBT certificate, you will also be able to carry passengers and use the motorways like the other licence categories.

How much training you need to reach the minimum standard for your A1, A2 and DAS tests will depend on your riding experience. Here are our prices and some guidelines:

As a guide to how long it will take, we’ve put together the following guidelines;

2 days – If you are riding a geared 125 every day to a very high standard and have a CBT certificate

3 days – If you are riding a geared 125 most days to a good standard and have a CBT certificate

4 days – If you can ride or have ridden a geared 125 in the last 12 months to a good standard and have a CBT certificate

5 days – If you can ride a geared 125 but need some practice (CBT incl.)

6 days – For complete beginners wanting to take the A1, A2 or DAS route (CBT incl.)

All A1, A2 and DAS courses include module 1 & 2 test preparation as well as these test fees. Additional full and half day training is also available as required.