Do you want to learn how to ride but don’t know where to start? Completing our CBT training Ride On Motorcycle Training can take you from complete novice to capable rider. The CBT was introduced by the government in December 1990 to improve motorcyclists’ knowledge of road safety and reduce accidents. The CBT programme must be completed by all new riders and it consists of the following elements;

Element A – Introduction

Element B – Practical On Site Training

Element C – Practical On Site Riding

Element D – Pre Road Ride Safety Briefing

Element E – Practical On Road Assessment

At Ride On Motorcycle Training your day will start at about 0900hrs and will cover all the essential guidelines set out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in a relaxed atmosphere. After an initial briefing you will be introduced tothe machine that you will be learning on and shown how to maintain and operate it, after which we will go through a series of exercises designed to build your confidence and give you time to practice. When both you and the instructor are sure you are ready and have reached a satisfactory standard, you will return to the classroom for a Pre Road Ride Safety Briefing. This briefing will cover everything you need to know before venturing onto the road for the first time. Following this your instructor and up to 2 students will head out into the local area for over 2 hours riding in a variety of different conditions while in constant radio contact with each other.

If you meet the standards set out by the DVSA you will be awarded your CBT pass certificate (DL196).

Well done, you’re ready for the road!