CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) and DAS (Direct Access Scheme) Passes – February 2016

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Hi all, long time no post. There have been many success stories over the last few months but here are just a few who passed the motorcycle theory and hazard perception test and decided they’d do just the same with either their A1, A2 or full category A motorcycle tests, well done one and all! Also included a handful of Compulsory Basic Training passes too.

Paul Rayner,Tom Wrate, Brett Tapping, Simon Bell, James Collingham, Josh Clement, Alan Henwood, Dan White, Tom Bolton, Kyle Fisher, Paul Donoghue, Max Winter, Max Underhill, Leia Pope, Jackson Rose, Daryl Watts, Michael Golding, Michael Kent, Ben Webb, Matt Fey, Johan Inglert, Katy Heyward, Justin Williams, Hugh Woodford, Ben Bowdidge,Adam Stakvilevicius, Zack Rivett, Ross Martin, Rowan Pound, Jacob Blackburn, Nicolas Cash, Jasmine Cole, Michael Barrett and Kendal Moran.

Have fun!