All our motorcycle and scooter training courses take place outside and are currently going ahead as usual with the exception of full licence testing as the test centres are currently closed. Training for full licences is also continuing as normal to prepare students for the reopening of the test centres. In light of recent developments concerning coronavirus (COVID-19) all courses are conducted purely outside and students and instructors are being reminded to maintain a minimum of 2m separation distances when in and around the training area and to wash their hands regularly and/or use the provided hand sanitiser/wipes. Although we normally provide helmets, jackets and gloves for training purposes which are cleaned with an antibacterial spray or wipes after each use we would now ask that you use your own equipment during this time.
Training always takes place in the open air and contact between individuals rarely occurs, so get out there and ride, its the best place to be right now! Ride On 👍🏽