5 Star Google review

Steve craig-Chief Instructor

Thanks Lyndon for this week’s 5 star Google review. ??

“From absolutely no experience on a motorbike to a DAS licence in 6 days training with Steve!

Over a period of about 10 days, I passed my CBT on day one (on a 125cc) then transferred to a 600cc Honda Hornet for the remaining 5 days, 4 of which were intensive training and the fifth day being the ride to the DVSA test centre for the Module 1 and 2 tests.

Steve is a no-nonsense guy. He is firm but fair. His attention to detail is outrageous; he notices EVERYTHING, no matter where you are on the road. His priority is to skill you up to make you safe on the road. He takes this responsibility very seriously and whilst day one felt a little strict, I quickly respected just how important his attitude was in making me safe while taking a 600cc bike out on the public roads.

I passed! The 6-day course was challenging both mentally and physically, but the reward was worth it. It takes complete dedication on the bike and each evening, reflecting on the day’s coaching and aiming to put it into action on the following training day

Steve’s standards are higher than the DVSA test and it is reassuring that while he knows you want a pass at the end of the course, his primary motive is to make you the safest rider possible, not just ‘test ready’. He even continued to give me improvement advice on the ride home after I’d passed!

On a technical note, I’d read in some reviews, regarding other training companies, that bikes weren’t reliable and in-ear radios were dodgy. Steve’s bikes were faultless and his radios were crystal clear.

I throughly recommend Steve at Ride on Motorcycle Training. He is a first-class instructor and I suspect the best in the area by a considerable stretch.

I will be returning to him for advanced tuition, once I’ve had a couple of months getting used to my new bike!”

Testing in COVID times?

A 0430hrs departure time is how we roll to get our students to test, wherever that may be in these testing times…. not even a flat battery on the instructor bike first thing in the morning stopped us travelling to an unknown test centre two counties away using a makeshift Sat Nav mount to get there.

Well done both students on another first time pass

Over the hills and far away

Motorbike training school

Some lockdown cheer to all students past, present and future (thank you Technicolourmoon.com). Time to head to the hills….

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