November 11, 2018

Halloween Helmet!

Thanks to the Adventure Bike Rider on Facebook for sharing this – spooky!
November 11, 2018

Zarco Flip

We’re busy teaching people to ride in November so will miss the show. Anyone going? Thank goodness Zarco is ok his recent ‘flip’ of a different kind. He came, he saw, he back-flipped! Last
November 11, 2018

Motorbike Mindfulness

You can’t help but be mindful when riding a bike, in fact it’s crucial to staying safe! So, riding is an unexpected way to de-stress and be in the moment.
November 11, 2018

Which License Should I Go For?

Check this out from Get Geared. Motorcycle License? Sort your motorbike test now like this [Infographic]
November 11, 2018

Motorcycles of The Great War

The role of the motorcycle in The Great War. “It’s likely that it was a motorcycle despatch rider that rode 12 miles behind the German front line, through a shattered German Army, to tell
September 23, 2018

Riding in the rain

Many of us have had our fair share of rain this weekend. How many of us have chosen to ride in it?! Some helpful reminders here on riding in the rain.
September 16, 2018

Marko’s 5 Star Review

Thanks to Marko for this 5 star Google review. “I’ve had 3 days training with Steve which I enormously enjoyed. He pushed me to get the best out of me and I have to